2017 Goals

It’s a new year, and with that comes new goals!  Join Mitch, Toby and I as we explore Point Pelee National Park in Ontario Canada and talk about everything we want to achieve this year!

Jennie’s Goals:

  1. Read More:  I want to read at least 48 books this year.  Since discovering Goodreads and Booktube I have been much more motivated to read.  It also helps that my life is finally settling down, with my wedding long over, my career in place and our house already bought.  Now it’s time to have fund and read!
  2. Stay Organized:  This is a tough one!  I love the idea of an organized space, and have gotten much better and staying organized, but I still sometimes get swept up in doing other things that I can’t be bothered to take the 30 seconds of extra time to put something away properly.  So this year I’m going to try to put more effort into sticking to my organizational systems!
  3. Decide if I Want to Have a Baby:  Yup.  This is a doozy!  We have been thinking about this for a couple of years, and think that this may be the year we take the leap.  When I think about my future I always see a little baby there, so I at some point I’m going to have to get to work on that before I get “too old”!

Mitch’s Goals:

  1. Read More:  Mitch wants to read at least 24 books this year.  I think he can do it!  He has a lot of outdoor hobbies, so this might get hard for him come summer, but I am rooting for him!
  2. Learn German
  3. Cycle More:  Mitch just got a new bike (now he has three!)  and he is hoping to hit more trails this year and maybe even participate in a local race!
  4. Stay Organized:  Like me, Mitch wants to stay more organized this year!
  5. Continue Exploring the Great Outdoors:  This will be an easy one.  We love being outside!

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