Top 6 Best Books of 2016

Join my husband and I as we share our favourite six books of 2016! What were your top best books – I love getting recommendations!

Jennie’s Favourites:

#3: Dreamer’s Pool by Juliet Marrilier: This is the story of Blackthorn, a woman who escapes from prison with her cell mate Grim, but in return must promise to leave her past behind.  Blackthorn and Grim end up meeting Prince Oran, a prince trying to find out why the woman he thinks he loves isn’t who she seems to be.  There is a sprinkle of magic in this story, fantastic character building and the just enough mystery to keep me interested the entire way through.

#2: The Innocent Mage by Karen Miller: This is the story of Asher, a simple fisherman, who wants more than the life he has.  He moves away from home and gets wrapped up in the Prince Gar’s life all the while secretly being monitored by a group of magical folk who know more about Asher than he himself knows. I LOVED this book! I have seen some negative reviews on this one, complaining that “not enough happens” or the “story is too slow”, but personnally I love a slow burning story with in-depth character development. When I read a story, I want it to feel believable. I want to really get to know the characters, and “follow them around” for a while before getting into the main plot. I dislike books that are all actions with little character development. This book is full of wonderful, funny, characters. There were many passages in this book that made me laugh out loud and I couldn’t resist reading some of them to my husband. The interaction between the Prince and Asher was great. The book ends with a huge cliffhanger; when the story is just reaching it’s climax. It leaves a lot of questions unanswered which makes me excited to continue on with book #2.

#1: Son of the Shadows by Juliet Marillier:  What can I say, it was a Juliet Marillier kind of year for me.  This is the second book in the Sevenwaters series, and it follows Liadan, the daughter of the main character from book #1.  Liadan is kidnapped by a group of bandit men and tries to find a way to escape.  This story had the most heartwarming romance and an epic adventure to go along with it.  This is a slow burning story with fantastic character development, a sprinkle of magic, loveable characters and a couple of great (but sad) tearjerker moments.

Mitch’s Favourites:

#3: Canoe Country: The Making of Canada by Roy MacGregor: Mitch loved this story that explains how the canoe helped shaped Canada into the beautiful country that it is today.  He loved the writing, the beautiful descriptions and all wealth of information.

#2: The Revenant by Michael Punke: This story is based on the life of American frontiersman Hugh Glass in 1823 Missouri Territory.  Mitch think Hugh Glass is the bomb – he loved Michael Punke’s writing style and was totally sucked into the story.

#1: Wild by Cheryl Strayed: This book is the true story of a woman who hikes the Pacific Crest Trail to deal with the death of her mother, the failure of her marriage and the emptiness she feels inside.  Mitch loves hiking and had a wonderful time reading about Cheryl’s adventure on the trail.  I also read this book, but did not enjoy it. Although I found the story of the actually PCT hike entertaining and enjoyable, I did not like most of the flashback stories. I found it difficult to “put myself in the authors shoes”, perhaps because her life is so different from my own. Following her mother’s death, Cheryl falls into a cycle of sleeping around and doing drugs, which I found to be a bit uncomfortable to read. There is one scene where Cheryl goes into substantial detail about the murder of a horse, which I found difficult to stomach and completely unnecessary to the main story line. Despite the negatives in this book, by the end I did have a respect and appreciation for what Cheryl went through, and was inspired by her story


Jennie from Habitat for Happiness


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