My TOP 3 Best Vegan Mascaras

After trying a dozen cruelty free vegan mascaras I have chosen my top three (4 if you count my 2017 update) favourites! Come check out live swatches and hear why I love all three.

Top 3:
Beauty Without Cruelty Full Volume Mascara – Adds tiny fibres to your lashes which gives you amazing volume and length.  Gives the “fake eyelash look”.
Red Apple Lipstick Lash Project – Gives great length without being messy to put on.  Gives a bit of a curl!
Pacifica Natural Minerals Stellar Gaze – A nice natural looking mascara, goes on flawlessly.

2017 UPDATE:

Recently I’ve been loving the Tarte Light’s Camera Action mascara.  It works a lot like the Beauty Without Cruelty Full volume mascara in that it gives GREAT volume, but it’s a bit easier to apply (less messy) and it’s available locally to me so it’s more convenient!

*PLEASE NOTE: I learned that my “runner’s up” in the video, the physicians formula mascara, has beeswax and is not vegan (the company is “cruelty free” however). Darn. Sorry. The other three are ok!


Jennie from Habitat for Happiness

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