What I Ate This Week – Vegan



Hi Friends!

This week I have embarked on a journey to start reducing the processed sugar in my diet.  I’ve been focussing on eating more fruit when I get a sweet craving instead of eating cookies and chocolate (fruit has the fiber necessary to help your body process sugar slowly and properly instead of storing it as fat).  It’s only been a week, but so far I’m feeling great!  I want this to be a lasting change, so I’m taking it slow and still allowing myself to have some occasional sugary treats while I wean myself off!

If you’re interested in the health risks associated with processed sugar check out these two documentaries on Netflix: Fed Up and Sugar Coated. We’ve been aware of the health risks for awhile now and have slowly been making changes (like swapping out pasta sauce for a can of tomatoes and some herbs) but after watching these documentaries I have become very motivated to make more of a change.

Disclaimer:  This is not intended as medical information.  This is simply what I eat to feel good and is intended to be used as inspiration for meal ideas.

Monday was a long weekend, and I didn’t think to track, so this week starts on Tuesday!



Breakfast: Plain organic oatmeal with walnuts and mixes berries, made using water

Lunch: Left over peanut tofu stir-fry (I’m sure the sauce has sugar in it… but this was from a restaurant), an apple and a banana

Dinner:  Sweet potato mash made using unsweetened cashew milk and dried herbs, frozen veggies cooked in water. Salad with cranberries and sunflower seeds with italian dressing (that does have sugar)

Dessert:  I received the Nature’s Tale box to review (check out my blog post HERE) and had a bite or two of each snack.  Some did have sugar, but I was pleasantly surprised to see many with no processed sugar!



Breakfast: Plain organic oatmeal made with water and sweetened with blueberries. Unsweetened almond milk and walnuts added in.

Lunch: Leftover sweet potatoes and veggies, and apple, tangerine

Dinner: Pasta with veggies and asparagus (no sauce; used tomatoes and dried herbs to season) x  2 bowls

Desserts: 2 pirate cookies (yes, these have sugar. I couldn’t resist)



Breakfast: Plain organic oatmeal with bananas and walnuts made with water

Lunch: Left over pasta, salad with dressing (dressing has sugar), hummus with carrots

Dinner:  We went to a vegan restaurant that focuses on healthy vegan food and got a Reuben Burger (chickpea portabello patty with vegan thousand island dressing, grainy mustard, red peppers, sauerkraut and lettuce served open faced) and split a Winter Abundance Bowl (spiralized beets, sweet potatoes and beets, brussel sprouts, quinoa and millet, garlic pumpkin seed dressing)

Dessert: A cookie ball from the restaurant (it wasn’t sweet at all, so I have an inkling it had no or very little added sugar)



I did not do so great today as far as sugar goes, but it’s a journey and I’m not going to get upset about it!

Breakfast: Small Batch Co cereal (sweetened with dates) with unsweetened cashew milk

Lunch: Carrots with hummus, handful of Patience Fruit & Co Moka blend (has processed sugar)

Dinner: 1/2 of a bland tasting tofu pad thai, salad, left over sweet potato with corn

Treats: About a cup of Coconut Bliss Peanut Butter ice-cream (yes has sugar) and 4 (oh my gosh!) Pirate cookies (more sugar. NOOOOO)



Breakfast:  My lovely husband made me a fruit smoothy this morning using banana/blueberry/pineapple/apple/cashew milk.  We then took a beautiful 2.5 hour hike and split an orange on the trail

Lunch:  By this point I had built up quite an appetite and we had some healthy organic lentil soup with beet crackers and couscous for lunch.  I later snacked on some Ketchup Doritos (these have processed sugar) and some coconut dates.

Dinner:  For dinner I made my ALL TIME FAVOURITE basil cashew vegan lasagna, completely free of processed sugar!  I use THIS recipe from the Oh She Glows blog (Thanks Angela)!  I made sure to use an organic tomato sauce that was sugar free.

Dessert:  I had a few of the Joseph’s Nutless Clusters from the Nature’s Tale Snack Box



Breakfast:  We had a delicious tomato sandwich on whole wheat bread (P.S Did you know that most store bought breads have sugar in them?  Even the brands advertised as healthy had sugar!  The only brand I could find that was sugar free was Ezekiel).  With the sandwich we had two hashbrowns.  After a couple hour bike ride we got home and enjoyed a fruit bowl with banana, kiwi, strawberry, mango, raspberry and apple .

Lunch: I love leftovers!  We finished up the lasagna from last night

Snacks:  We watched the Daytona 500 but were determined to have healthy sacks, so we ate these organic, non-flavoured tortilla chips with organic salsa and some dry roasted peanuts.  I also ate a banana while half watching the race and reading Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier.

Dinner:  The tomato sandwiches were so good that we made more for dinner, and also enjoyed some couscous and roasted potatoes & carrots.



Breakfast:  I enjoyed some Ezekiel raisin bread with natural peanut butter

Lunch:  Leftover roasted potatoes with carrots, strawberries and a (not-enjoyed) Amy’s Thai Red Churry.

Dinner: My husband Mitch created a yummy dish using the left over potatoes and carrots.  He added spinach, beans and who knows what else!

Dessert: I ate most of this half miniature watermelon. YUM!

I’m pretty pleased with how this week went!  I’m going to continue cutting back on processed sugar and striving towards a healthier lifestyle!

Jen @ Habitat for Happiness

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