My Trip to California + Vegan Food Options!

I recently had the pleasure of going to L.A. to celebrate my birthday with a friend.  We discovered some amazing places as well as a lot of awesome vegan food!  I live in a small-town that has very few vegan options so it was SO amazing to be in a place that is so vegan friendly! Check out my and my friend Nina’s adventure below!

Day 1: Joshua Tree National Park

Vegan Food Options:

  1. Which Which in the Buffalo Airport: A pita place where you choose your own toppings and sauces.  Not fully vegan but is very vegan friendly.  They have a black bean patty that is vegan
  2. The Natural Sisters Cafe in Joshua Tree: Not fully vegan, but very vegan friendly.  I got a vegan “egg salad sandwich” and they also had vegan lasagna, salads, baked goods and more
  3. Pie for the People in Joshua Tree: Has a delicious vegan pizza option!
  4. Veggie Grill near Garden Grove:  A FULLY VEGAN FAST FOOD RESTAURANT!  This blew my mind. How awesome!  And the food was good!

Day 2: DisneyLand and Disney’s California Adventure Parks!

Vegan Food Options:

  1. Mickey Pretzel: I double checked the ingredients list to be sure, and was happy to enjoy this yummy treat!
  2. Carnation Cafe (in Disneyland Park):  This was one of the more reasonable priced sit down restaurants and they have a vegan burger advertised on their menu.  It was good!

Day 3: Exploring L.A.

Vegan Food Options:

  1. District Market Los Angeles:  This market had quite a few vegan options, like a 100% vegan ramen place, vegan coconut ice-cream, falafel and more.  I tried some vegan pierogis from Golden Road
  2. Suncafe Organic Cuisine:  A fully vegan restaurant!  This place was my favourite find of the entire trip! We tried some AMAZING vegan mac and cheese (the best I’ve ever had) and the shepherd’s pie with a tasty salad!
  3. Gracias Madre: A fully vegan mexican restaurant.  This place is beautiful and had a very interesting menu!  Mexican food isn’t my favourite but I like trying new things, and discovered some good food (especially the dessert!)
  4. Donut Friend: A FULLY VEGAN DONUT PLACE! Is this real life?!!!! This is my dream come true. Donuts are the one non-vegan food that I crave all the time (not exagerating) and there are no vegan options anywhere near my town, so I was thrilled to find vegan donuts in L.A. and thought they tasted just like “real” donuts (whereas the donuts at Erin McKenna’s bakery in DisneyWorld taste more like cake to me).

Day 4: Venice Beach

Vegan Food Options:

  1. Cafe Gratitude: A 100% plant based restaurant (some things had honey but many didn’t).  We got some delicious salads but they had a lot of options!
  2. Lemonade: This is a cafeteria style restaurant that had four vegan salad options a a couple of vegan soups.  They also had good lemonade! Quick and easy!
  3. Trader Joes:  We don’t have this grocery store where I come from, so I thought I would mention these delicious Trader Joe’s brand brownie crisps that I discovered. SO GOOD!

And that wraps up my adventures in California!  I had so much fun!

Jen @ Habitat for Happiness

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